We have been raising and hunting pheasants for several years outside of Whitehall, MT on 1200 acres the maximum size preserve allowed by Montana, Fish, Wildlife and Parks.  Our preserve sits along the Jefferson River.  

We are open to the public and do not require private memberships.  We appreciate appointments so that we can be prepared for the release of your pheasants, and limit the number of hunters per day. This allows you to hunt land that hasn’t generally been hunted by any other hunter on the day you come.                                

After running a preserve for almost 20 years during a long 180 day season, we are now offering limited hunts; we have been unable to secure help to release birds at a reasonable cost so we are changing our operations.  Instead of semi-guided hunts with Bob showing you where to hunt, where the birds hang out and putting them down for you, we are catching the birds and giving them to you to release.  We will provide instructions on the box for release procedures.